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It should be noticed that every South-Africa actor must have a photo of themselves when preparing for the auditions. If you are starting out - start with a picture that you have done yourself. But, you will need to update your photos with a professional at some point if you are serious about getting into the business.

Things that have to be kept in mind. There are different types of headshots. The following should be discussed with your photographer:
• How should you look?
• What to wear & not wear in the South-Africa audition ?
• What different poses there are and which poses are better for television or film?

Why film in South Africa? Is it because of the great locations, a wonderful climate, a cheap rand giving value for money – and actors. Actors in the South-Africa auditions? South Africa has a host of talented, professional, well-trained and highly experienced actors, many of whom are managed by our company.
Established in 1979, our policy has always been to find the best and demand the best. Our company Manager, Penny Charteris, was brought up in England and trained at the famous Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Having worked with luminaries such as Olivier, Guilgud and Redgrave, she learnt at an early age to recognize TALENT. Working for London's top theatre and television companies taught her to demand PROFESSIONALISM. Both these qualities we demand from the actors we manage.

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